Stronger Quakes and Bigger Volcanoes, Earth Awakens!

We are almost two thirds through 2014 and the world has experienced a substantial increase in the  average number of earthquakes per day and an increase in the number of strong quakes of 6.0 or larger. Likewise, there has been an increase in the average number of volcanic eruptions and an increase  in the number of serious eruptions, the type that blasts smoke and ash many kilometers up into the stratosphere. The living world is awakening.

Yes, I believe and have believed for many years that the entire planet is a macro-organic lifeform, a gigantic single-cell organism with a living-energy field surrounding it (not much different than the energy surrounding your own body). Earth is the only rocky world in this solar system with a strong energy field. Coincidence? I do not believe that cosmic coincidence takes priority over cosmic purpose.   In all the Universe, nothing is more precious than life. Of all the lifeforms in the Universe, none are more precious than the living worlds. With lifespans of billions of years, they were created to support and nurture life. They have strong electromagnetic fields to shield the planet from harmful radiation. They have abundant water–the most important ingredient in life.–where there is water there is life. Recent scientific articles claimed discovery of a vast underground ocean and abundant microscopic life living in the deep rock beneath us. Coincidence? No!

The living nature of this world strives to provide a clean, healthy environment for most of the species that inhabit the surface. Sure there are some nasty places, wastelands, deserts, but Earth provides and evolves to produce fertile areas. Imagine viewing the Earth from space 7000 years ago. The green forests would cover much greater areas of the continents even North Africa was greener and wetter.

Now imagine viewing Earth 4000 years ago. The plow is invented and people have learned to cut trees to build homes, but from space it would probably not look much different because tools (and people) were scarce in comparison to the vast forested areas.

Fast forward to 1000 years ago, the Earth is changing because mankind is changing it and because the Earth is gradually warming as it recovers from the last mini-ice-age. The breadbasket of Egypt is drying up. The deserts are growing. The deforestation of Europe and Asia is noticeable from space. North and South America are still abundant because the human population is relatively primitive and living with the land. Columbus hasn’t sailed there, yet.

Four hundred years ago, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, deforestation continues. North and South America, deforestation has begun in settlements near the coast and spreading inward. If only we could see Brazil from space a hundred years ago and compare it to pictures today.

I am sure some people will say that the forest was removed, but farms were planted. Sorry to inform you that is in fact a poor trade. A forest is many meters tall, holding billions of cubic meters of water in the roots, trunks, and leaves. They make the land cooler and attract more rain (water sublimates to water). Take away the forests, increase the deserts, the land   gets hotter. Thermal updrafts resist or block some of the precious rains from going across the land, (see California for proof). The Earth surface is over 70% water, but 90% of the rain falls on the ocean, and the droughts are getting worse.

Mankind treats the Earth like it’s a big dead rock that we can do anything we want to it. We can set off nuclear bombs underground, and pump wastewater into the ground to frak a little more oil. As far as intelligent species go, mankind is still living in the Dark Ages. The dominant intelligent species on the planet is supposed to be smart enough to take care of the living world. Humankind must evolve! The evolution of mind requires a diet of knowledge. Eat knowledge and grow big brains. Right?

Alas, Mother is tired of waiting for humans to evolve into caretakers of a living world. She is awakening now. I said at the beginning of this year that I believed 2014 would see an increase in the number of earthquakes and increase in the number of strong 6+ magnitude quakes. The year is two thirds over and that is proving true so far. I said the number of volcanic eruptions would  increase and the number of severe eruptions would increase and that is also true. Earth is awakening. Volcanoes are Earth’s way of cooling things down and spreading a little fertilizer on the land. Lots of volcanoes throwing lots of ash into the stratosphere are going to end global warming and begin global cooling. A mini-ice-age is coming.

I believe quakes will continue to increase in frequency and severity. Volcanic eruptions will continue to increase in frequency and severity.Mt. Lassen in California will erupt in the next three years, (Yeah, I betting on a longshot, but I believe it will happen). The San Andreas Fault and the Cascadia Fault will both see major quakes and volcanic eruptions. Yellowstone will probably erupt, but it may not be a super-eruption. Smoke and ash will cause temperatures to drop. More polar vortexes? Crops will fail. Populations will suffer from food shortages and plagues and violence. It will not be the end of the world, but it will be the beginning of a new one. Tomorrow is the prize of the survivors.




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2 responses to “Stronger Quakes and Bigger Volcanoes, Earth Awakens!

  1. I enjoyed your post, Susan. I also believe Mother is annoyed with our ways.

    • Thank you, Gerri. Seems like Mother Earth agreed. She gave Northern California its first big quake in 25 years. I don’t think she’s finished. I believe she will hit California with another stronger quake in the next three or four months. This quake is only the first of several big quakes that I believe will occur over the next three years.

      Thanks again for reading my blog and commenting. 🙂

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