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Inspiration for a Daydream

My friend and fellow author Rachael Mollison-Read wrote a blog on May 12th that I just got around to reading today (Granny’s slow, but she’s old). I had told myself repeatedly to take a few minutes and read it because it was about a favorite subject of mine: daydreams. Unfortunately, my life at present is hectic and stressed. I’ve not had much time time for daydreams, much less for reading blogs posted by my favorite fellow writers. It takes just a few days for a message in my inbox to be deeply buried in the daily avalanche of messages. Fortunately, I had marked it as important, and it avoided the deleting trashcan my janitorial husband uses to clean up my inbox.

The irony is that I needed to read the blog weeks ago. Here’s the link:

The first thing I saw was a picture from Alice in Wonderland and a quote by Lewis Carroll. It was one of my favorites, and I had not recalled it in years and years. Then one of the first things Rachael mentions is about how difficult it can be to find time in our hectic lives for daydreams (another bit of irony since I couldn’t find the time in three weeks to read her blog about daydreams). 🙂

Her blog is interesting, helpful, and certainly worth the time to read. It provided me with some useful tips to enhance creativity with better daydreams. And, it inspired me to comment, actually twice. The first was lengthy (I got carried away on my own magic carpet). The second comment was necessary to mention what I forgot in the first one. Oh, and if you read the comment, please overlook the editing slip near the end 😦

Anyway, this is the third time Rachael has posted a blog that inspired me to create. So please, take the time to visit her blog and share a moment of daydreaming.

I daydream especially when I work simple chores (dishwashing, sweeping, gardening, etc.). But I also love to sit at my desk and look out my window and down a forest path.  Dreams, dreams, dreams come easy through a “looking glass” that provides a nice view.  It does not have to be a spacious spectacular view;  a simple backyard garden can provide enough dreams and inspiration to create a story of magic. Imagine fairies tending your flowers or dancing around a birdbath with the moon reflected in the water. I’ll wager if you stared into the underwater world of an aquarium long enough, it could provide the daydream and inspiration to write a story like Finding Nemo.

Sometimes, my daydreaming from my window is interrupted by Nature. A bird will land on an oak branch and sing to me or a rabbit will hop down the path and stop and check his watch. 🙂  Last year a mama doe and newborn fawn came to visit and interrupted my daydream, but I didn’t mind. I grabbed my camera and clicked a picture through the semi-clean windowpane. 😦 So please forgive the hazy image.

.mama deer 005

Sometimes poems rather than stories are inspired from daydreams. Here’s one example:


With pensive eye, the mother doe

Awaits her fawn who moves so slow.

Those wobbly legs will soon be sound

Allowing him to leap and bound

Through meadows bright with daffodils

Then scamper up a grassy hill.

To wander and to wonder over

The fuzzy tops of blooming clover.


Beyond the hill, the other fawns

All leap and dance on nature’s lawn.

And he will join them in their play

Not now, but on another day.

These things she knows, but he will see

When stronger then his legs will be.

But now with patience, she will wait

For him with his ungainly gait.


It’s not Shakespeare, but it was fun to create. 🙂 However, sometimes Nature is scary.  For instance, last year my view was filled with black clouds from a nearby forest fire, and  my daydreaming led me to create this little poem:

Blessed Be The Rain

The wise old owl upon his bough

Kept watch all through the night,

And ‘tween the veils of smoke he saw

The wildfires burning bright.

“Oh save my tree, Dear Rain,” said he,

And soon to his delight

Some clouds appeared and blessed be,

They doused the raging blight.


So please, dear reader, don’t let the daily drudgery rob you of magic. Take time everyday to daydream, and just maybe, one will become reality. Every story and poem is a daydream come true.

As Rachael advises:

“Allow your mind to wander:
Letting your mind go about its business, can feel very strange. So often we are trying to do the opposite, by insisting our minds focus on the task at hand. Letting go, means giving your mind permission to think about whatever it wants, and often it can feel silly and inane, but once you do it, your mind will take off running!”






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