Another Interesting Month of May?

“And so it begins…” King Theoden said in the movie The Two Towers (based on the book by J.R.R.Tolkien). He was looking down from the fortress walls on thousands of ugly bad guys coming to kill him and everyone with him. Today we would say, “The s–t’s about to hit the fan!”

Now, two days into May 2014, I can’t help but wonder what big natural events Mother Earth has in store for us this month. I have a strong feeling that she is about to “soon shake your windows and rattle your walls…for the times they are a’changing,” as Mr. B. Dylan said long ago in the 1960’s.

I have noticed that Mother likes the month of May to throw something big at us. For example: the largest quake ever recorded (9.5 mag. Chile, 1960) happened in May; The largest recent volcanic eruption in the continental U.S. (Mt. St. Helens, 1980) happened in May. Tornadoes are also a problem. According to Wikipedia, since 1950 there have been fifty-nine F5 or EF5 tornadoes and more than half (31) occurred in the month of May. But the scary trend lately is that the last six F5 or EF5’s have occurred since 2011 and all six in the month of May.

My sister and her family live in Oklahoma; every year I hope and pray that the twisters don’t hit their home. When the weatherman says “Watch out tonight for tornadoes,” it could make sleeping a bit difficult. When it happens during the day, do you go to work? Send your kids to school? Yes actually, most of the time life just goes on as usual. Those brave people often say, “you can’t let the fear stop you from living.”

I live in California’s Sierra Nevada, mostly we worry about wildfires and May is usually safe. We can’t worry about earthquakes because we never know when, where or how strong they will be. When a strong one occurs, they are often finished before I can really get my panicking old fanny going. We don’t worry about volcanoes even though we have some good sized ones in the neighborhood. Most of the time they sleep peacefully with an occasional grumble and rumble. I never paid any attention to volcanoes (except to click a picture) until last year.

On the night of May 23, 2013, the strongest quake we ever felt in the Sierra, a 5.7 mag. occurred near Mt. Lassen. A series of unusual coincidences caused me to take particular notice of that quake. And I have been observing earthquake patterns and volcanic eruption patterns since that night. On June 7, 2013, I published my first blog about it, and I made a prediction that Mt. Lassen would erupt “in the near future.” I allowed for slow geological-time and gave myself until the end of 2017 for the eruption to occur. One year has passed and no popper. There have been more than a dozen quakes near Mt. Lassen, most have been small 2 or 3+ mag. and most have been shallow quakes above sea level. One occurred today, May 2, near the same spot the strong one happened a year ago. Today’s quake was small, 2.6, and shallow, 0.2 km. But, it makes me wonder if this is the month when Lassen pops. The last time Lassen erupted seriously was May 22, 1915. It sent ash 200 miles east. So this May marks the 99th year since the last serious eruption. Will it happen again this month? Could be, but probability favors the facts, and the scientists aren’t talking about Lassen.

Today I read a story, that said “magma is rising in Mt. St Helens” and “It will probably erupt in the next 20 to 200 years.” Hardly scary. Mt. Hood in Oregon recently had a series of over a hundred small quakes. That’s scary.

Last year, just hours before our Sierra quake an 8.2 quake occurred near Russia on the Ring of Fire. So you see, it seems to me that Mother Earth likes to shake things up in May. Or just maybe, you could call it Spring Fever.

One more thing, two years ago in May, dear Mother Earth got my serious attention with a solar eclipse. I named it “Susan’s Eclipse” because of a number of incredible coincidences about the eclipse that connected it with my book, Lantamyra and connected it with me personally. To sum up the high points. The annular eclipse occurred on May 20, 2012. It was described as a “ring of fire eclipse” because it would not completely block the sun. It began near the lands of the dragons, China & Japan. The path of totality followed the Pacific Ring of Fire up to the volcanic Aleutian Islands of Alaska then down the American side of the Ring of Fire, into Northern California, directly over Mt. Lassen then directly over my house, then onward over Susanville, California. That’s when I decided to name it Susan’s Eclipse.

Almost exactly a year later and the strong quake near Lassen occurred. Yes, Mother Earth got my attention. In my book, A Tale of Two Worlds, I scripted Mt. Lassen erupting. I can’t help it, but I feel that Mother Earth wants me to tell you that she is about to wake and shake the world. This month may be extraordinary for quakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes.

However, we pessimists love to be wrong. It usually means we survived.

Blessings of life,
Susan Waterwyk



May 3, 2014 · 7:32 am

6 responses to “Another Interesting Month of May?

  1. I have the impression that Mother Earth is annoyed and is shaking things up just as we get annoyed with ants crawling on us and we shake them off. Whatever happens, has happened before. That said, her annoyance can be deadly.

    • Thank you, Gerri. I agree with your perfect comparison to annoying ants crawling on the body and wanting to shake them off. As long as scientists try to convince us that Mother Earth is a big dead rock that can be thoughtlessly exploited, people (big business) will continue to abuse her eco-system. I do not believe the “end of the world” is imminent, but if we do not start showing more respect then Mother may give us a sincere spanking.

  2. You’ve done it again…another fascinating, but frightening post. Can’t wait to see how your predictions play out…


    • I have a feeling Mother Earth is trying desperately to get our attention. Perhaps that is why she is using the month of May to do it. “May is Mother’s Month. Show some love and respect. Sincerely, Mother Earth”
      Getting our attention is important, however, I hope the events are not devastating.

      Thank you, Carol for reading and commenting.

  3. I loved your article, Susan! I chose a particularly appropriate time to read this, being that today is Mother’s day! I couldn’t agree more with your assessment that until scientists acknowledge that our planet is more than a dead rock, Mother nature will continue to shake us up! My only hope is that enough people heed the warning signs before irreparable damage is done.
    Happy Mother’s day to all of my wonderful friends! šŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Brian! When they drill into the Earth, they find micro-organisms living in deep rock, so it would appear to be more of a living world than most people believe. The strong electro-magnetic field that protects life is another clue that Mother is a living world. She may be the simplest of all life-forms, just a huge macro-organic body that produces a bio-sphere for complex life-forms to flourish. Today my family will pause and say a few words to thank our dear Mother Earth for the world she lets us share.

      Thank you for the Mother’s Day wish, Brian.

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