Prophecy or Fantasy? You Decide.

Well, my first serious prophecy to come true has left me feeling good and bad. I’m glad the people of Puerto Rico did not suffer much damage from the 6.4 magnitude quake that occurred offshore today. But, I still have a bad feeling that this major seismic event will soon be followed by a more serious one in the Puerto Rico area in the near future. The trend pattern for quakes in the area suggests to me that the pressure is building and a bigger event is coming. Perhaps it will be a quake followed by an undersea landslide with part of the shelf breaking off and falling into the deep Puerto Rico Trench.

I am not a science professor, and I’m certain my predictions will be bashed and trashed by academics far more knowledgeable than I on the subject of geology. Also, I must point out that I have never considered myself a prophet, clairvoyant, or doomsayer, but in the recent years I have been having omens, signs and dreams so unusual that it compelled me to document a few of my “geo-predictions.”

My first documented geo-prediction was posted in the Spring last year when I stated that “Mt. Lassen in California will erupt in the near future.” However, since I believe that Earth lives in slow-time, I allowed myself until the end of the year 2017 for the volcanic eruption prediction to take place. On 4 July 13, I posted another blog re-affirming my Mt. Lassen prediction. On 14 December 13, I posted another blog where I also added the Puerto Rico geo-prediction. Here’s the quote:

“I have noticed that for the past three weeks the area surrounding Puerto Rico is experiencing multiple quakes daily. Yes, day after day, multiple quakes occur near the island. Granted most are small, some are moderate, but I now believe and predict that it is leading up to a big seismic event there….”

Also, I should point out that I put in my book A TALE OF TWO WORLDS (published Oct. 2013) that major seismic events would occur worldwide (and near Puerto Rico), and I had no idea at the time that I wrote the story that the area around the island was seismically active. However, after publishing my book I have developed the habit of checking the USGS earthquake map daily. Trends are noticeable, but predictions are never guaranteed, so I am not geo-predicting the end of the world. However, I will not ignore the signs and dreams that put me on this path to Cassandra’s house. If you choose to take my geo-predictions with a grain of salt that’s perfectly understandable.

Here are a three observations that contributed to my geo-predictions:

Most of the big quakes in the last year or so have occurred on the Pacific Ring of Fire, especially, South East Asia.

Most of the serious volcanic eruptions recently are also on the Ring of Fire.

The number and severity of volcanic eruptions seems to be increasing worldwide.

Here’s my geo-predictions:

As the magma pressure builds, quakes occur and the volcanoes around the world (and especially those on the Ring of Fire) will feel the pressure and erupt.

Mt. Lassen in California will erupt.

A large quake will cause a peninsula on the east side of Japan to crack and separate from the main island.

A more serious seismic event than the 6.4 quake of 1/13/14 will occur in the Puerto Rico area.

I withhold my Yellowstone prediction for now, other than to say that I believe it will NOT “super-erupt” as it did 600, 000 years ago.

Last of all, let me say, plant, fish, animal, or humans, we live on a world with quakes and volcanoes and always manage to survive. Modern science gives us the ability to see the behavior patterns of our world, and from time to time the trend patterns will seem ominous, but we should not let ourselves waste the day worrying about the end of the world. In my book I say that “tomorrow is the prize of the survivors.” In my next book I’ll say, “it’s not the end of the world; it’s just the beginning of a new one….”


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