Omens, Signs, Portents and Dreams

Omens, signs, portents and dreams provide the prophet with justification to make a prophecy. The future is forming now and prophets can only imagine and predict what will come to pass. In spite of the skeptics, who refuse to believe in prophecies, there are always a few people who manage to predict certain events that they see coming, for example: a king dying in a jousting match (Nostradamus), a president being assassinated in Texas (J. Dixon). Skeptics claim that with all the pessimistic prophecies being predicted these days a few longshots will statistically occur. That claim is essentially correct, but skeptics deny prophets while they tenaciously defend scientists who accumulate data and make predictons based on probability, after all, probability guarantees a 50% chance of being right.

Thousands of people make a living by predicting the future, not just Madame Susan and her myra crystals, there are also data analysts that predict the weather, the stock market, crop prices, sport games, clothing styles, music, book and movie trends, etc. Scientists even predict global warming for the next hundred years. “If the current trends continue, by the end of 21st century the average global temperature will increase by two degrees Celsius.” Okay…that’s a Hell of a prediction, Einstein, but you hedge it with the big IF. If current trends are interrupted or replaced with new trends then your prediction is shot to Hell. Analysts want people to believe in their “forward looking statements” first then remember the escape clause if they are wrong.  When analysts predict the odds of a team winning a game, they expect the majority of sport gamblers to follow the herd and bet with their prediction. In other words: BELIEVE THE PREDICTION (but remember the big IF).

In May of this year, I was blown away by a series of omens, signs, portents and dreams. So I was compelled to predict that a California volcano would erupt in the near future. Here it is the end of the year and Mt. Lassen still hasn’t popped. That’s good! We pessimists would rather be wrong–it usually means we survived. However, due to the fact Earth lives and moves in slow-time, I semi-scientifically hedged my prophecy and said the “near future” would be to the end of the year 2017. Therefore, I still have four more years to be proven right.

However, I was so swept away by all the omens that I began looking at earthquake and volcanic trend patterns. Actually, my hubby was looking at them occasionally, but he got me interested. As a result, I decided to put a few of my predictions in my book, A TALE of TWO WORLDS (published in October). I predicted that numerous large earthquakes in the South Pacific would push the tectonic plate into the North American plate and trigger many serious volcanic eruptions. including Mt Lassen (had to put that one in there). One prediction came from a dream I had where we were in Japan and a large quake caused the ground in front of us to split open. We were trying to help people that were in danger of falling into the fissure. Consequently, the book’s prediction is that a huge quake will cause a peninsula in Japan to split away from the mainland. I also predicted major seismic events near the island of Puerto  Rico, but only because so much of my story takes place there. In other words, I didn’t have a clue at the time of the prediction that Puerto Rico was seismically active. I remembered reading about an earthquake in Haiti and figured that was close enough, so the Puerto Rico prediction was made without prior scientific data. Ironically, I have noticed that for the past three weeks the area surrounding Pueto Rico is experiencing multiple quakes daily. Yes, day after day, multiple quakes occur near the island. Granted most are small, some are moderate, but I now believe and predict that it is leading up to a big seismic event there (in the near future).

After publishing my book, I have a little more free time, so I check the USGS Earthquake Map daily now. I also check volcanic activity but not as regular because no good reliable site is available. The USGS site for volcanoes is woefully inadequate. The best site for volcanic activity is a cheap commercial ad-infested site where much effort is put in the bombardment of ads, and less effort put forth presenting the scientific data. I won’t even mention the site because I refuse to send traffic their way. Nevertheless, there is a noticable increase in serious volcanic eruptions in the last two months. To me a serious eruption is one that sends smoke and ash high into the stratosphere. A lot of serious eruptions can block sunlight and cause global temperatures to drop. This could trigger crop failures and food shortages. There was a news article posted in late November about an alarming number of serious volcanic eruptions taking place in just four days. Two days after that article, Mt. Etna in Sicily erupted seriously. A new volcanic island rose from the sea near Japan. Mt. Sinabung in the South Pacific has upstaged all others  with continuous eruptions.

So, I now predict, that IF current trends continue, there will be a series of large quakes on the eastern side of the Pacific Ring of Fire (especially Dragon’s Triangle area) and they will trigger serious volcanic eruptions in Alaska (especially), Northeastern Russia, Western Canada and United States. AND, with all the smoke and ash shot into the stratosphere recently we could be in for a long cold (record setting) winter. I won’t worry though, unless Phoenix, Arizona gets a white Christmas. 😉

Blessings of life to all, may your holiday season be warm, joyous, and full of love. As I say at the end of A TALE of TWO WORLDS: “There is no night when love is shared for love lives in light.”



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4 responses to “Omens, Signs, Portents and Dreams

  1. Fascinating post…but please pardon me if I hope that final prediction is wrong, dear Susan. I hate winter, and long cold ones are not something I look forward to at all. Oh that I had been a bear so I could just hibernate!

  2. Earth activity does seem to be increasing. After each report I’m always reminded of your book, A Tale of Two Worlds.

    • Ironically, about the time I posted the blog yesterday, 12/13/13 another small quake occurred in the belly of Mt. Lassen. That’s two in one week, and this one was near the surface. Hmmm. Maybe it’ll just belch some smoke and ash. It would make me happy if it erupted without seriously harming the area. Oh, I saw your FB post about the huge snow storm. Stay warm, and walk the dog slowly.

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