All Natural Holiday Light Show

FirstSnowDec13 007

“Every forest is a kingdom of shadows,” said Keeper Jasriel, “they should be respected but not feared.”  But, I need to inform Jasriel that there is one time when the forest magically  opens up and all the shadows diminish in a glorious spectral light display.  That magic time occurred two days ago here in the Sierra Nevada. A white robe of snow draped every tree then the clouds hurried away so the sun could light up the landscape in a holiday display that rivals the man-made decorations we put up each year. The bright sunlight reflecting off the the snow clustering on the branches seems to drive away most of the darkness. As if thousands of magic mirrors reflecting the light to diminish the power of the shadows and show the world that even the darkest times of the year can be illuminated in glory.

So stunning was the beauty that I had to click a picture and share with you.  You have to look closely to see my favorite path into the woods. Normally,  the tall Ponderosa and Sugarpine trees create a deep passageway  of dark shadows that tempts me to venture and has inspired magic poetry and paintings with fairy folk and mushrooms.

I trudged through the snow and filled up the birdfeeder with seed. The poor little ones have a hard time finding food when the world is cloaked in snow. Two flocks of the tiniest little birds coverged on the feeder and for the most part they displayed good manners as one would feed on one side and another would feed on the opposite side. Every minute they would be chased off by the next hungry peep in line.  I tried to take their picture but startled them and they flew up into the snow-flocked trees, hopping from branch to branch like little living Christmas ornaments.  I didn’t wait too long, it was too bone-chilling cold for this old granny.  I went back into the house, put the camera away, and stood by the woodstove. After I had thawed out, I walked over to the window and saw the little ones partying at the feeder again.

Blessings of life.   


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