Blessings of life: Thanksgiving Inspiration

“Blessings of life,” is a phrase often heard to begin or end a conversation on my fantasy world of Lantamyra. It was officially adopted as the Universal Blessing by the Venerable Akoshic Keepers of the Ways more than eighty thousand earth-years ago. After eons of debate, it was concluded to be the least-confrontational greeting or farewell used in over seven million languages and cultures on 35,423 living worlds in the Cosmic Garden of this part of the galaxy.

I first used the phrase on Thanksgiving Day, four or five years ago. My granddaughters (11 and 10 years old) were helping me prepare the apple and pumpkin pies. The  younger asked why it was called a blessing at the table and when you sneeze, and all the other times it was called a prayer. The eldest informed her that blessings and prayers were the same thing.

“Not quite the same thing,” I said. “Many times prayers are requests for help for family or friends. Blessings are considered essential gifts that we receive in life.”

“What’s essential?” The youngest asked.

“Like Christmas gifts!” said the eldest.

I laughed and informed them there were far more essential gifts than just Christmas gifts. I told them I would list some of my favorite blessings of life, and they can add their own to the list. “Every apple on the tree, every pumpkin on the vine, every day the sun comes up, and every night the full moon shines…hmmm…every clear mountain stream…every flower in the Spring…”

“Every turkey in the oven?” said the youngest.

“And every tater mashed with gravy,” I added.

“I bet the poor turkey didn’t want to be a blessing,” the eldest chuckled, clapping the flour off her hands.

“Plant or animal, something has to die to feed you, my dear. That’s why we show respect with a Thanksgiving blessing. Now let’s get back to the list. Every perfect snowflake, every drop of summer rain, every song the birdies sing…”

“Every kitty cat that chases them?” giggled the youngest at her cleverness.

“Every puppy, every goldfish,” added the eldest.

The youngest suddenly looked perplexed. “But what about Christmas gifts?”

“Every gift given with love is a blessing, including Christmas gifts.” I finished rolling the pie crust.

“Happy now?” the eldest teased her little sister.

“So every good thing’s a blessing?”

“Hmmm, yes, I guess it is, and everywhere in the Universe they teach thankfulness for the blessings of life.”

The day after Thanksgiving, I sat down at my computer and added the phrase, “Blessings of life,” as a universal greeting in my story, Lantamyra: A Tapestry of Fantasy.

Blessings of life,

Susan Waterwyk

P.S. I may have embellished the memory a bit. Sometimes the memories and fantasies get mixed in a pie. 😉



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2 responses to “Blessings of life: Thanksgiving Inspiration

  1. How lovely and inspiring! (And you helped to assuage my guilt over my poor Thanksgiving turkey. We don’t often stop to think that the plants we eat also had to give up their lives to nourish ours.)

    A most happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family, dear Susan.


    • Dear Carol. Thank you for commenting. I am guilty of not checking my blog for comments. Bad Granny, must write a new blog now.
      Seriously, let me wish you and your family the most joyous of holidays with all the blessings of life.

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