One Granny, One Rake, One Acre

Okay, okay, so my hubby helps rake–but with an acre of oak leaves and pine needles, it takes two of us. Halloween day we raked for a while then I walked up the hill to check the mailbox. My favorite travel magazine was there and on the cover was a picture of Monterey California’s seacoast. It has been more than a decade since I visited Monterey. So I took a break, sat on a bench, and looked at the magazine.

Hubby was nearby combining small piles of leaves into one big pile. “What’s new?”

“Feature story about Monterey–makes me want to go there.”


“I miss living by the sea…I miss going to the beach and sitting and listening to the waves…so soothing…slow, steady, neverending….”

He stopped raking and looked at me. “Kinda like rakin’ leaves–slow, steady, neverending.”

I sighed. “So much for daydreams–magic bubble popped–back to work, Granny.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to ruin your daydream. Let me make up for it. Close your eyes, don’t peek for one whole minute. Oh, and don’t talk–just listen.”

“Hmmm,” I closed my eyes, “I’m listening…”

A familiar sound, long, slow, whoo-oo-oosh…a pause then again, whoo-oo–oosh, a pause then again, the slow steady sound of an ocean wave breaking on a smooth sandy beach. So magical! So exact! A perfect ocean wave! I smiled, kept quiet and just listened. After a moment, I opened my eyes and saw him reaching across the leaf pile and slowly dragging leaves then lifting and letting them drop. The complex sound of hundreds of crispy oak leaves being dragged seemed identical to sound of millions of water drops hitting the sand. That clever old man had figured out a way to play a symphony of ocean waves with a pile of oak leaves!

He saw me smilling and watching him then said, “Cool, huh, sounds just like water. Now you see why I like raking leaves so much.”

“That’s great, Dear, thank you! I really needed that. I’m going inside and bring out some chicken and potato salad. Can you do that for about twenty more minutes while I have a picnic?”

Later, I went inside, and composed a new poem called “Hallow’s Eve and Falling Leaves.” It didn’t have anything to do with ocean waves. It was about other memories. He loved the poem. All in all, it was a nice quiet, magical, Halloween afternoon in the Sierra Nevada.

If you want to read the poem I composed, check the blog posted, 10/31/13 just before this one. “Hallow’s Eve and Falling Leaves” is the second of two poems I posted for Halloween.

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2 responses to “One Granny, One Rake, One Acre

  1. Hi Sue, Don’t know if you realize it but your stories reflect the spiritual closeness you and your other half share. Believe me, that is pretty special.
    love always,

    • Our 33rd anniversary is coming on the first day of Spring. These last years since he began taking care of me, we have spent so much time together. His patient help (typing, editing, technical guidance) with my stories makes him share my thoughts, feelings and dreams. We both have benefited from the time shared, and our philosophy is taught to us everyday by the Sierra.

      Thank you for commenting!

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