Two Poems for All Hallow’s Eve–Trick-or-treat


Her talons clutch the parapet of crenelated towers.
Her eyes peruse the deeping gloom of mead and forest bowers.
A growl…a leap…a-loft she flies
On fervent wings in moonlit skies.
Her shadow glides along the earth to veil the spires and shallows.
Her joyous song of change is heard on this the Eve of Hallows.

Hallow’s Eve and Falling Leaves

In every falling autumn leaf
I see a memory,
A young girl singing, jumping rope,
Or swinging from a tree.

A girl in school with books and rule,
And echoes in the hall,
My locker lost among the rest
That line the endless wall.

A magic night to my delight,
A boy that likes to dance.
He holds me close…we drift and dream
Of sharing more romance.

In time we wed and share love’s bed,
And children, one, two, three
That love to sing and jump a rope,
Or climb into a tree.

So many, many memories
We shared on Hallows Eve,
But children grow and have to go
Like falling autumn leaves.

And now alone, a withered crone,
I pause my rake to see
Another falling autumn leaf…
Another memory….

Susan Waterwyk

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November 1, 2013 · 12:55 am

One response to “Two Poems for All Hallow’s Eve–Trick-or-treat

  1. judy

    I liked those poems that were posted. That little story about the leaves, and sea was great. Enjoyed it.

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