“Supersystem Overload”

Here are the song lyrics for “Supersystem Overload” presented in a brief excerpt from A Tale of Two Worlds (scheduled publishing date: 21 Oct 13).

Deanna Lansing sat at the desk in her bedroom reading news stories on the Internet…she saw a headline about a man with a semi-automatic rifle that entered a church in Southern California and killed a dozen people. Another nutcase, she thought, damn, that makes three this week.

A little farther down the page, she noticed an article about a 6.1 quake in Missouri near the Mississippi River and another strong quake in Yellowstone. The article speculated that “tourism in the national park may be drastically reduced this year.”

“Yeah, I just bet it will.”

In the entertainment column, she noticed a story about a favorite band of Tylya’s called MetalRebel. They were in Paris to promote the release of their new album, “Voltaire’s Vengeance.” It had climbed quickly to the number one album in the world with three songs grabbing the top singles slots worldwide. Alex Flaubert, the lead guitarist for the band, claimed that he was disappointed that the song, “Supersystem Overload” snagged top single. The cerebral song, “Voltaire’s Vengeance” was number two, and the romantic “Love Lives In Light” was third. The story quoted him as saying, “it’s the brutality of reality—violence beats intelligence and love!”
Curious, Deanna clicked on the link to the lyrics of the number one moneymaking song in the world:

Supersystem overload!
Street meat lying in the road…
Pile-up on the Interstate,
Now I’ll be an hour late!

Bottleneck and traffic jam—
Too much pressure on the dam!
Roll the window—have to yell—
“You can all just go to Hell!”

Hate, Hate, Hate!
It tightens up my spine,
Saturates my body
And incinerates my mind!

Feel the anger eat my soul,
Let the hatred take control!
Traffic’s moving. Exit fast!
Grab the gun and have a blast!

Choosing targets left and right
Feel the power, feel the might.
Men and women, kill! Kill! KILL!
Quickly reload—one more thrill.

Hate, Hate, Hate!
It tightens up my spine,
Saturates my body
And incinerates my mind!

Cops and ‘copters join the show
On my body—red dots glow—
Feel the bullets rip my skin,
Raise the gun, they fire again.

Body falling—no control—
Light is fading from my soul…
Street meat lying in the road…
Supersystem overload….

She shook her head then closed the browser. “Welcome to the 21st Century, and I thought my generation was bad,” then imitated Tylya’s voice, “suffer Mom, you’re stuck on Earth.” Putting her elbows on the desk, she covered her face with her hands. She wanted to cry, but the deep sorrow and despair was held in check by frustration, anger and the resolve to cling to sanity to the bitter end. Her fingers slid up her forehead into her hair, and she pushed her palms against her eyes as if trying to blind herself to a reality that was far too depressing.

With a weary sigh, she grabbed the mouse and started the soft music program to help her fall asleep. She got up, pulled back the covers, took off her robe and sat on the bed. Opening the drawer on the nightstand, she pushed the pistol out of the way, picked up the shotglass and the bottle of rum and twisted off the cap.

“Oh, Tylya…I don’t blame you for wanting to leave this crazy world.”
She started to pour then hesitated and stared at the bottle. “No, not tonight.” Putting the cap back on, she placed it and the glass in the drawer, closed it then reached for the switch on the lamp by the bed.

In the backyard, Lancelot started barking.

“Damn it, dog! Not tonight! Please!” She opened the drawer, grabbed the shotglass, slammed it down on the nightstand and grabbed the bottle.

Lancelot whined as if pleading for her to come to him then started barking again. The golden retriever only barked frantically when something or someone was very close to the house.

She got up, put on her robe and reached for the gun.

The light dimmed.


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