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A Halloween Trick-or-Treat

For visiting my site I offer you a free treat. At the end of this blog there’s a Smashwords coupon for a free ebook copy of A TALE OF TWO WORLDS.
Now here is a brief scene from Chapter 4, “Ruins, Relics, and Revelations.” Keeper Scarlet Connely, a dear Irishwoman over a hundred years old, has been sent to Ireland to gather refugees to take to the sanctuary world of Lantamyra. She is staying at the house of her trusted follower, Elizabeth Caldwell. Here is the excerpt:

Elizabeth’s daughters gathered around Scarlet’s rocking chair. Little Jane was small for her eight years and did not hesitate to climb up and sit on Scarlet’s lap or to lean her head against the old woman’s breast.
Twelve-year-old Victoria asked for a story of faraway worlds.
“I want a story, too,” Helen, the ten-year-old said, “a story of fairies and magic.”
Jane brushed a lock of dark hair away from her eyes. “I want to hear a song first.”
“Well, well, wishing well, I’ll drop my bucket in the well and draw a magic tale to tell….” She hummed a few bars then began to sing softly:

“Along a winding shaded path
As twilight deepens into night
The trees begin their evening song
And from the branches fairies come
To guide me with their glowing light.

Now strolling down this magic path,
Where flowers only bloom at night,
I watch the fairies tender care
Of blossoms in the pale moonlight.
A flicker here…a glimmer there
Of wings a-flutter on the air.

From hollow trunk and mushroom top,
The fairy folk observe my walk,
And as I pass beyond the woods
Into a glade, I hear
The music of the pipes and flute
Come drifting to my ears.”

The children clapped their hands.
Fiona set a tureen of soup on the dining table and told them supper was almost ready.
Scarlet smiled at the girls. “I should have time for one more poem.”
The emphasis on the word time made Victoria’s eyes light up. “A tic-toc poem?”
“Yes, twelve little verses.”
“One for each number on the clock,” Jane added.
“A sad poem or just another sweet one?” Helen asked.
“Helen! Mind your manners,” Victoria scolded, “and be grateful that she shares it.”
“I am grateful!” Helen glared at her older sister. “I was just hoping for a true story.”
Scarlet smiled thoughtfully at Helen. “In truth there is power…in time there is truth. Here are twelve verses called The First Sword of Power… perhaps you’ll see the truth of it. Now, Jane with your fingers count the verses and make sure there are twelve.”
She rocked the chair back and forth to set the tic-toc rhythm:
The sword was forged,
A kingly blade.
He honed it…then
He knelt and prayed.
To God, he swore
To use it right
And swing the sword
With all his might
Defending life!
Defending land!
Against all foes
The king shall stand!
With power sworn
To use for good,
The kingdom thrived;
The castle stood.
But ev’ry king
Must pass in time.
The clock of Death
Must always chime.
And so it was,
His son became
The youngest king
To use the name.
The young king sought
The old and wise
But found instead
A path of lies.
“Oh, King, you’re strong,
Your sword has might!
So, use the blade!
You have the right!”
And so the king
Did set the course,
Attacked and killed
Without remorse.
Until the day
That he could claim
The power of
A vast domain.
The people forced
To serve his rule
Grew hateful of
This king so cruel.
Then swords were forged.
They honed each blade,
And then they knelt
And prayed and prayed….

Jane looked up and smiled. “Twelve, right on the button.”
Helen clapped and nodded. “That was sad.”
“And powerful,” Victoria added quickly.
Jane’s smile turned to a frown. “How many times do they have to pray before they learn swords are bad?”
Scarlet burst out laughing and hugged her. “Now that is the question.”

A TALE OF TWO WORLDS, Copyright 2013, Waterwyk Arts

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Blessings of life,
Susan Waterwyk



October 29, 2013 · 4:10 am

Description of A TALE OF TWO WORLDS

The people of the Earth are threatened. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are increasing in frequency and magnitude; tsunamis are slamming into the coastal cities of the world.


The ancient Keepers of Akosh can do nothing to prevent the catastrophes. They have known since the sinking of Atlantis that the living world of Earth would awaken, so they spent thousands of years terraforming the primitive world of Lantamyra to serve as a sanctuary for the refugees from Earth. Now the Gathering begins.


The dragons that rule the three Great Houses of Lantamyra need the giant myra crystals from Atlantis to strengthen the large array in the House of Gaia Jade to be able to return to their homeworld, Lanluong. The Keepers of Akosh authorize a mission to Earth to locate and retrieve the crystals before the earthquakes bury them deeper in the abysmal depths of the Atlantic Ocean.


Recently arrived from Earth, Tylya Lansing has been trained in the Secrets of the Ways and knows how to use the powerful myra crystals. She is now a keeper of dragons in the House of Gaia Jade, and her first-hand knowledge of modern Earth makes her the best candidate to command the mission to find and retrieve the lost crystals of Atlantis.

Tylya’s lover, Josh Hamilton is also from Earth and trained in the Ways but chose not to serve the dragons. He is a crystalseeker working in the mine at Queen’s Heart located near an active volcano. The job is extremely dangerous since long exposure to myra crystals causes crystal sickness, and worst of all, ghosts of seekers hungry for living energy wait in the myra crystals to feed on him.

A TALE OF TWO WORLDS is scheduled to be released as an ebook on Oct. 21st. Priced at $2.99

Blessings of life,

Susan Waterwyk 



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“Supersystem Overload”

Here are the song lyrics for “Supersystem Overload” presented in a brief excerpt from A Tale of Two Worlds (scheduled publishing date: 21 Oct 13).

Deanna Lansing sat at the desk in her bedroom reading news stories on the Internet…she saw a headline about a man with a semi-automatic rifle that entered a church in Southern California and killed a dozen people. Another nutcase, she thought, damn, that makes three this week.

A little farther down the page, she noticed an article about a 6.1 quake in Missouri near the Mississippi River and another strong quake in Yellowstone. The article speculated that “tourism in the national park may be drastically reduced this year.”

“Yeah, I just bet it will.”

In the entertainment column, she noticed a story about a favorite band of Tylya’s called MetalRebel. They were in Paris to promote the release of their new album, “Voltaire’s Vengeance.” It had climbed quickly to the number one album in the world with three songs grabbing the top singles slots worldwide. Alex Flaubert, the lead guitarist for the band, claimed that he was disappointed that the song, “Supersystem Overload” snagged top single. The cerebral song, “Voltaire’s Vengeance” was number two, and the romantic “Love Lives In Light” was third. The story quoted him as saying, “it’s the brutality of reality—violence beats intelligence and love!”
Curious, Deanna clicked on the link to the lyrics of the number one moneymaking song in the world:

Supersystem overload!
Street meat lying in the road…
Pile-up on the Interstate,
Now I’ll be an hour late!

Bottleneck and traffic jam—
Too much pressure on the dam!
Roll the window—have to yell—
“You can all just go to Hell!”

Hate, Hate, Hate!
It tightens up my spine,
Saturates my body
And incinerates my mind!

Feel the anger eat my soul,
Let the hatred take control!
Traffic’s moving. Exit fast!
Grab the gun and have a blast!

Choosing targets left and right
Feel the power, feel the might.
Men and women, kill! Kill! KILL!
Quickly reload—one more thrill.

Hate, Hate, Hate!
It tightens up my spine,
Saturates my body
And incinerates my mind!

Cops and ‘copters join the show
On my body—red dots glow—
Feel the bullets rip my skin,
Raise the gun, they fire again.

Body falling—no control—
Light is fading from my soul…
Street meat lying in the road…
Supersystem overload….

She shook her head then closed the browser. “Welcome to the 21st Century, and I thought my generation was bad,” then imitated Tylya’s voice, “suffer Mom, you’re stuck on Earth.” Putting her elbows on the desk, she covered her face with her hands. She wanted to cry, but the deep sorrow and despair was held in check by frustration, anger and the resolve to cling to sanity to the bitter end. Her fingers slid up her forehead into her hair, and she pushed her palms against her eyes as if trying to blind herself to a reality that was far too depressing.

With a weary sigh, she grabbed the mouse and started the soft music program to help her fall asleep. She got up, pulled back the covers, took off her robe and sat on the bed. Opening the drawer on the nightstand, she pushed the pistol out of the way, picked up the shotglass and the bottle of rum and twisted off the cap.

“Oh, Tylya…I don’t blame you for wanting to leave this crazy world.”
She started to pour then hesitated and stared at the bottle. “No, not tonight.” Putting the cap back on, she placed it and the glass in the drawer, closed it then reached for the switch on the lamp by the bed.

In the backyard, Lancelot started barking.

“Damn it, dog! Not tonight! Please!” She opened the drawer, grabbed the shotglass, slammed it down on the nightstand and grabbed the bottle.

Lancelot whined as if pleading for her to come to him then started barking again. The golden retriever only barked frantically when something or someone was very close to the house.

She got up, put on her robe and reached for the gun.

The light dimmed.

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A Tale of Two Worlds book cover

A Tale of Two Worlds book cover

My hand-painted, acrylic on canvas, book cover for my new novel, A Tale of Two Worlds, scheduled for release, Oct. 21st. A sci-fi fantasy of Earth experiencing tectonic disasters and aliens gathering refugees to take to the terraformed sanctuary world of Lantamyra…where refugee dragons rule the three Great Houses and humans are simply tolerated.

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