For the Eve of Litha, I’ll Share a Magic Poem

Today, Thursday, June 20th, 2013, is the Eve of Litha. Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice (Litha). In my book LANTAMYRA A TAPESTRY OF FANTASY I devote an entire chapter to the Eve of Litha. Here is an excerpt from TownKeeper Marlena Meadows addressing the crowd at the celebration:

“The sun has set, and twilight is upon us. The magic hour begins, and the coming of the fairies is assured. For this night is the Eve of Litha–the magic will unfold!”

Now here is my magic poem for you to enjoy:

“Twilight Magic”

Along a winding shaded path
As twilight deepens into night,
The trees begin their evening song
And from the branches fairies come
to guide me with their glowing light.

Then strolling down this magic path,
Where flowers only bloom at night,
I watch the fairies tender care
Of blossoms in the pale moonlight…
A flicker here…a glimmer there
Of wings a-flutter on the air.

From hollow trunk and mushroom top
The fairy folk observe my walk,
And as I pass beyond the woods
Into a glade I hear
The music of the pipes and flute
Come drifting to my ears.

Susan Waterwyk



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2 responses to “For the Eve of Litha, I’ll Share a Magic Poem

  1. Lovely, Susan. Thank you!

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